Increase your healthspan not just your lifespan

When it comes to Health and Wellness, we believe it's all about quality, functionality and fulfilment.

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1 Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

TFS offers a number of Health & Wellness Solutions for companies both in Australia and abroad. Such service offerings include; Facility Management, Wellness and Educational Seminars, Employee Health Screening, Health Expos, Workshops, Webinars and Health Promotional Packages.

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2 Conditioning Services

Conditioning Services

TFS offers three very different service offerings targeting your specific training needs. This can include:

  1. Exercise Rehabilitation;
  2. Strength & Conditioning; or
  3. Personal Training

Our experienced trainers, coach and Exercise Physiologists will tailor a program offering to meet your specific needs and goals.

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3 Youth Development

Youth Development

TFS number one goal is creating stronger, fitter, healthier and happier kids through exercise. The TFS Youth Development Program is aimed at educating, inspiring and motivating kids to exercise in a fun, safe and controlled environment. We teach the correct principles around health (exercise, eating, sleeping, mindfulness) and put theory into practice, all with the beautiful benefit of greater self esteem and body confidence.

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4 Kids Academy

Kids Academy

The TFS Kids Academy is aimed at children that have a passion for sport and a desire to improve. The Kids Academy focuses on the importance of strength & conditioning for children in both theory and practice. All children that join the Kids Academy receive a tailored program designed around their specific age, gender, strengths and weakness, and specific training goals.

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5 Virtual Personal Training

Virtual Personal Training

In today's busy and ever changing world, Virtual Personal Training has rapidly become a very popular training modality offering the ultimate in time efficiency and convenience. Virtual Personal training can be done from anywhere around the world. TFS offers ZOOM VPT for any clients needing that extra element of motivation without the in-person contact. VPT is a very popular service offering for Corporate Executives that are time poor or traveling a lot

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Master the Body and the Mind

Founded by Tory Trewhitt (Exercise Physiologist) in 2001. TFS mission is to help you increase your healthspan not just your lifespan. When it comes to Health and Wellness, Tory believes it's all about quality, functionality and fulfilment. For decades, Tory has been preaching that ‘consistency is key', and for good reason.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years Tory has the unique ability to get the best out of clients just like you, and has witnessed over and over the positive outcomes that come with a consistent and measured approach to wellbeing. Whether assisting you to recover from knee, shoulder or hip replacement, to elite high performance coaching, or assisting corporate executives reduce their employees health risk, Tory’s TEAM will tailor a program to suit your personal, club, team or businesses needs and goals.

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Meet the Team

Trewhealth Fitness Solutions


Exercise Physiologist

Tory’s knowledge and experience is comprehensive and diverse having worked at the Australian Institute of Sport and the Victorian Institute of Sport before heading abroad to work as an Exercise Physiologist for BUPA in the UK. During his early employment days Tory worked across both the Private and Public sector before starting Trewhealth Lifestyle Solutions where his passion has evolved to the corporate sector providing health and wellness solutions to companies and individuals globally.


Wellness / Life Coach

Fiona Trewhitt is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Reiki Therapist, Degree Qualified exercise professional and student counsellor who is passionate about inspiring you to live a healthier happier life. Fiona coaches and counsels clients through stress management, developing healthy habits and self care, health and happiness, change management, empowerment, meditation and mindfulness practises, holistic healing from depletion and trauma, mindset and accountability, and career and life purpose.



Jo is a food lover, nutritionist and eating coach devoted to wholistic nourishment. Jo’s philosophy encompasses everything from the micronutrient level to the way her clients relate to food. Jo aims to empower people to find their recipe to successful living through healthy eating habits. Jo has worked with a diverse range of organisations from corporate groups including NAB, to elite sporting clubs such as the Melbourne Football Club (AFL), AFL Umpires Association, the Victorian Institute of Sport and Tennis Australia.


Health Educator / Thought Leader

John is a global wellness presenter who delivers powerful webinars and workshops that inspire, educate and empower individual to take control and ownership of the lifestyle they aspire to live. John has extensive experience with professional sporting clubs as a conditioning coach / nutritionist, has written books, e-books, 100’s of articles, lectured in Universities and delivered over 2000 seminars in workplaces across Australia and oversea’s.