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Corporate Wellness Solutions

Let us work with you to maximise the wellbeing, efficiency, and morale of your staff team. With dedicated program offerings, our goal is to improve the physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing of your employees. We aim to enhance their working environment, reduce absenteeism, and staff turnover whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

Trewhealth has been delivering workplace wellbeing programs for two decades throughout Australia, so our knowledge is extensive, and we have a wide array of initiatives to gain maximum engagement from your staff. Our passionate trewhealth university trained staff create concepts and programs employees can relate to, thus guaranteeing high staff participation, increased social interaction and a greater understanding and awareness of health within your organisation.

Offerings include:

  • Onsite gym management
  • Group exercise classes
  • Monthly workshops
  • Holistic wellbeing seminars
  • One to one coaching
  • Online seminars
  • Health Expos
  • Fitness Events & Challenges
  • Motivational Speaking


We know that wellbeing is about more than just fitness and have a wide range of experts and topics available to present to your team.

Our service delivery is fully flexible with in person and online options, ‘one-offs’ and ongoing programs, and we thrive on tailoring our offerings to suit the needs of the individuals in your workplace.

Facility Management

‘Incorporating Health, Wellness and Personal Trainers’

Looking to add exercise to your next meeting agenda? An environment that stimulates the mind and body. The environment is transformed into an area team members can relate to guaranteeing high staff participation, increased social interaction and a greater understanding and awareness of health and wellbeing within your organization.

Trewhealth uses the latest most successful training techniques to guarantee the highest returns for all team members, resulting in less work related injuries and greater productivity. Having trewhealth staff on site allows access to a wealth of information for empowering, motivating and developing the skills and knowledge to achieve personal and fitness goals. When is comes to setting up a corporate gymnasium trewhealth provides advice on all aspects from facility design, set up and implementation, lighting and interior décor right through to financial solutions from purchasing, rental and leasing schemes.

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Ergonomic Layout, Design and Equipment

Need help with existing facility or thinking about incorporating ergonomic work stations into your office environment?

trewhealth professional staff are able to provide the most functional, affordable and feasible adaptations to your office environment.

For those looking to start afresh trewhealth will provide all the necessary equipment, designed to your specific needs.

Result – less work-related injuries and greater productivity.

‘We strive to inspire healthy behavioural changes and encourage participation in healthy practices within and outside the workplace setting. Ultimately we endeavor to positively affect the lives of every participant in our Workplace Programs – with productivity being the key’.

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Conditioning Services

In 1999 Tory established Trewhealth Pty Ltd which was predominantly a Corporate Health Company specialising in Corporate Wellness Solutions as well as having a team of Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers. Today, most of Tory’s work is around musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation both Pre and Post operations (knees, hips, soft tissue strains and sprains and chronic pain pain). With an extensive background in endurance running Tory is also passionate about sports rehabilitation and athletic development for kids and youth. If you have recently experienced an injury or undergone an operation and wish to rebuild your physical capacity under safe guidance, contact Tory to book in for a personalised program.

Offerings include:

  • Exercise Rehabilitation
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Personal Training
  • Health & Lifestyle Assessments
  • Dietary Advice


Exercise Rehabilitation

To maximise your recovery, mobility, and performance post injury, exercising in the care of an experienced exercise physiologist is key. Tory Trewhitt has been an Exercise Physiologist for over 20 years having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree before extending his studies and completing a Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation. Tory worked at the Victoria Institute of Sport (Sports Science Scholarship), then transitioned his skills from elite sport to the corporate sector working as an Exercise Physiologist for BUPA in London.

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Strength & Conditioning

Trewhealth Fitness Solution offers Strength and Conditioning services for any individuals or teams looking to improve and maximise their sports performance. Our training methods include sports specific programs or individual conditioning programs aimed at result oriented athletic strength development and performance. We are experienced at delivering strength and conditioning programs for large sports teams, individual high performance athletes, and ‘up and comers’ reaching for their goals.

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Personal Training

There’s no greater assurance of success than having an ally in your corner every step of the way. Your journey begins with an evaluation of your health, lifestyle and goals. Your trainer will then work closely with you to design a program that fulfils your needs. Your program is two way – what you put in is your reward. Your Personal Training sessions may combine cardio; weight training and flexibility programs, whatever is required to ensure you achieve your desired results. Training sessions can be conducted singularly or in groups, in person or online.

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Health & Lifestyle Assessments

To ensure you have precise awareness of your current health and fitness and can measure your progress as you work towards your goals, our experienced and qualified trewhealth trainers conduct a thorough and comprehensive health and lifestyle screening, which includes;

  • Aerobic fitness test
  • Blood pressure test
  • Blood glucose reading
  • Cholesterol reading
  • Body measurements
  • Body fat measurements

Specific tracking of your health metrics enables you to ensure any program you undertake is suitable for your current ability and health. These metrics also provide the ultimate in motivation as you watch them improve as you work towards your improved health goals.

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Dietary Advice

Nutrition can be a super challenging area of health for lots of people. It can also be an area that once under control can bring you amazing benefits and results. If you feel like you require guidance in this area, our dietary coaching offers a comprehensive system of eating strategies and nutritional supplementation, alongside exercise recommendations created exclusively for you to help you achieve maximum results. Our nutritional plans are delivered by leading nutritionists and are tailored specifically for your personal goals, desires and/or food tolerances. Knowledge is power and at trewhealth we can work with you to give you the right information to ensure you can achieve a healthy body and healthy mind.

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